HTQL students awarded the HHS DEI award

Congratulations to Layla Claure and Mrithula Suresh Babu, Ph.D. students, for being awarded a $5000 HHS DEI research grant for their research on women’s cancer prevention among Hispanic populations in Tippecanoe County!

The HHS DEI research grants program is dedicated to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusivity by supporting research. With a focus on underrepresented minority populations, this program covers an extensive range of critical issues.

Layla and Mrithula’s research focuses on preventing cervical cancer using Community Health Workers (CHWs) in vulnerable populations that lack access to screening for HPV.

Their research involves developing HPV self-sampling kits, offering a convenient way for women to get screened for cervical cancer, and removing barriers to screening in marginalized populations while increasing screening coverage all around.

We look forward to seeing the results of Claure and Suresh Babu’s research and their contributions to advancing health for Hispanic women.

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