Nick Nagel awarded Peer of the Year at Tippecanoe Recovery Rally

Our very own Nick Nagel, CHW at LTHC Homeless Services, was named Peer of Year at the 2022 Tippecanoe Celebration of Recovery Rally. Congratulations to Nick for being recognized for his great work at LTHC, helping people not only in addition but with general life care.

The Recovery Rally began in 2018 to bring together individuals in recovery, their families, providers, and the community at large. Each year the committee, comprised of representatives from community organizations like Gateway to Hope, Drug-free coalition, and Salvation Army, selects a “Peer of the Year.” This person is a genuine “Recovery Carrier” and agent of empowerment for others who seek to initiate and sustain long-term recovery from severe substance use and/or mental health issues, and shows that recovery is possible.